Friday, August 28, 2009

From Balthasar Gracian, "The Art of Worldly Wisdom"

"Wisdom, backed by courage make great: because immortal, they immortalize: each is as great as his mind, and to him who knows, everyting is possible. A man without knowledge, a world in darkness. Understanding and will, they are the eyes and hands, without courage the mind is dead".

"A man at his best. You are not so born: strive daily to develop yourself in your person, in your calling, until perfection is attained: the fullness of your every gift, of your every faculty. You will know it in the improvement of your taste, in the clarification of your thinking, in the maturity of your judgment, in the control of your will. Some never attain the perfect, something always lacking and others are late in coming to themselves. The man complete, wise in speech, wise in action, is admitted; he is welcomed into that rare fellowship of those who understand".

"The Kingdom of Heaven is a condition of the heart." (Friedrich Nietzsche)