Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Vow to Life

I shall not build my dreams on the ruins of others’ lives.
I shall shun all inordinate seeking for position, authority, or power.
I shall avoid all motives save that of service.
I shall seek to be honest, loyal, and trustworthy at all times.
I shall face risks head on but shall exercise prudence and discretion.
I shall avoid cowardice and sloth.
I shall keep my faith, whatever storm may come.
I shall hold on to hope which keeps me going in spite of all.
I shall look upon all persons as equal in dignity and respect.
I shall be beholden to none save God alone.
I shall accord each human being his or her due,
not on account of status, wealth, influence, or power;
but because like myself, he or she is a person,
created in the divine image and likeness.
I shall serve without counting the cost.
I shall live my life in solidarity with the poor,
but in brotherhood with all.
I shall stand for what is right and just,
but shall never discount compromise if it is for the good of all.
I shall trust in my principles and convictions,
keeping my heart to what is right.
I shall labor for as long as I am able.
And, I shall look forward to the rest promised,
to all who endure.


"The Kingdom of Heaven is a condition of the heart." (Friedrich Nietzsche)